If you’re a foodie and love to drink, then this is the event for you. 

Welcome to Taste

Hosted twice a year in Londons Regent Park, the Taste of London is a definitive showcase of Londons best restaurants, top chefs and leading food and drinks brands.

It is an opportunity sample the latest dishes from Londons most exciting restaurants. To meet with brand owners and drink creators and have the opportunity to shop at boutique food markets. 

If you want to attend, the main event is hosted between 14th and 18th June, and the second event is a festive addition between 16th-19th November. 

Tickets are available from early March and sees fast so get your tickets in advance. 

Taste Festival

When we went this year, we were pleased to see that they were no longer selling tokens as a form of payment to buy food. Instead, you could actually take cash and card. This made so much more sense then having to queue to get tokens. We arrived and the queue to get in was soooo long. We just kept walking and walking until we reached the end. Fortunately enough it was moving fast and within 10 minutes we were inside. The event is spread out across the park with the usually Taste sign for a quick photo opportunity. Once inside you will need a map. Stalls are spread out across the park and so we just wondered around to see what we came across first. Of course we needed a drink first and we found the Sipsmith Gin stall.

Copper !!

Beautifully decorated in copper (Love it), we ordered a G&T and relaxed in the deck chairs displayed out the front.

Sipsmith Gin
Sipsmith Gin
G&T for Two

It is very easy to stay put, with live music and people watching you just don’t want to move. We soon got hungry however so we began to visit food stalls. The dishes certainly are unique and the choices push to boundaries. One thing that was extremely difficult was to find interesting foods to try when you are vegetarian and so it definitely is more suited to the meat eaters out there. However, there was one dish we could not forget which was a profiterole with Persian fluff (candy floss). This candy floss was the softest and sweetest tasting thing we had ever tried. 

Persian Fluff
What? So we had another G&T

 Along with many more gin stalls, the stalls and brands were beautifully displayed meaning we were able to get some fantastic pictures. 

Pinkster Gin
Fentmans Tonic Stall

All in all it is a great day out however, be warned, you do just end up spending a lot of money whilst there.