The Powerpuff Girls emporium, a store dedicated to the 90s all-girl superhero show was soon to be promoting the cartoons relaunch here in the UK airing with a three-day ‘experience’ that involves a nail and glitter bar, a punch bag an area for ‘snake and rabbit’ petting and a power science café that provided candy floss and glow sticks. Of course, as soon as I heard that there was going to be a popup here in London dedicated to the cartoon network show, I was super excited. As an all-nostalgic 90’s kid, the PowerPuff girls, in mild terms, was an early example of feminism and a programme I watched religiously as a child. (three superheroes who were great at science….I mean!!)

The Powderpuff Girls
The Powderpuff Girls Emporium

The free exhibit, hosted in Soho, London, promised three days of power puff madness and we fortunately managed to get down there to see for ourselves.

As we entered the pop up we were greeted by staff who handed us ginormous fluffy balls that lights up if you hug them tight enough. How cute right? Anyway, she offered to take a few pictures for us before we proceeded to look around. They had a super cute glitter station and nail bar (totally free) which unfortunately, you needed to book in advance as well as a selection of bubbles and potion bottles on display. As we ventured further in we walked into a small room where staff were holding a bunny for petting and a small snake that you could hold. Ok I didn’t actually do either.

Light up fluffy Balls – CUTE
Me with a load of Pink Puff
PowerPuff Potion stash

We went further to through the space decorated with neon Powerpuff girls (which I want) and a science station at the end. The station had a lab coat talking about different cool science tips and tricks. I admittedly wasn’t paying attention, because next to it was a glow stick candy floss machine! *insert heart eyes

Neon Lights – Buttercup
Neon Lights – Blossom
Neon Lights – bubbles

Again, another freebie, we darted up to the front and watched eagerly as the lady grabbed a glow stick and dipped it in the candy floss machine…mmmmm.

Glow stick candy floss!

It was however, extremely hot that day and consequently very hard to eat!

I also had to refrain from purchasing the cute little Powerpuff merch!

Unfortunately the exhibit was only in London for the three days….I for one hope it comes back!