“Until recently, galloping through the gateways of multi-dimensional gastronomy was a notoriously rickety ride. The art of inter-dimensional exploration was simply not a stable soirée… that was until the elegant engineering of our magnificent Machine; a very special contraption of spectacular proportion and one that opened unprecedented access to the realms of the uncertain.”

Chambers of Flavour, bought to you by Gingerline, a group of experimental food and drink enthusiasts is a brand new event experience that offers an innovative new way to dine. With the idea to combine sensory indulgence with regular dining, the Chambers of Flavour was created to explore new ways to enhance your everyday dining experience. As a lover of food and of experiential things, this seemed like a no brainer. Tickets are a little overpriced but does include your 5 course dinner as well as the experience itself. The event was kept completely under wraps – all we knew was the date, our chosen time allocation and what we needed to wear for the event. (FYI…that was all black with brightly coloured knee high socks!) Having missed out on last year’s ticket – warning – they sell fast – we made sure we were ready to grab our tickets the moment they went on sale a few months before.

When the day arrived, we awaited our text message which would tell us where we needed to get to. The message arrived at 4pm informing us of the station we needed to get too along with minimal instructions on where to go once at the location. We admittedly found it rather difficult to find the entrance as our only clues were car descriptions and floor markings. Eventually, we stumbled across what looked like a deserted industrial estate with a small door and though, this had to be it!!!! We were right.

We were greeted upon arrival and were given a quick overview as to what the event would entail. We had a little time before our booked slot, so decided to grab a drink and put our socks on. (Yes, we were a little too embarrassed to walk around London wearing them) Upon first impressions, the space looked fantastic – kind of like the inside of an old fashioned industrial factory with low lighting, wooden tables and huge pipes covering the walls and the ceilings. We were informed that we needed to purchase all alcohol we think we could or would consume throughout the experience as there would be no opportunity to purchase this once the event began. So we bought one bottle of wine and 4 cocktails to last us the three hours. Better to be safe then sorry.


Chambers of Flavour
Inside the entrance to Chambers of Flavour
Inside Chambers of Flavour
Inside Chambers of Flavour


Finally, our time slot was called and we were directed up a small flight of stairs where we and approximately 18 other people gathered on the seats to await further instruction. One of the ‘actors’ came up and gave us an introduction of the journey we were about to take. During which time, all the drinks that we and others had ordered were then delivered to us via a shoot/tube thing with each person given a cooler bag.

**Unfortunately, due to sworn secrecy, I cannot tell you details on the event itself. (Sorry) We were required to sign a waiver promising that we would not share the experience so I will honour that. This also applies to photography, which is why there is a huge lack of photographs (good ones) on this post. FRUSTRATING! 

What I will give you however, is my honest opinion on the overall dining experience.

My initial response to the concept of the Chambers of Flavours was that it was a super cool idea. They promised a futuristic exploration of food and flavouring creating new and innovative ways to enjoy your everyday dining. However, as a vegetarian, the food provided honestly lacked creativity and in fact, it was probably the most stereotypical vegetarian dishes – Mushrooms and Aubergine. The event was a little too theatrical and rather disruptive at times which made it difficult to enjoy the food you were given and the overall story didn’t seem to make any sense. I think my expectations of the experience were largely misguided through the miscommunication of what the event really was about. Take away the disruptions whilst you are actually eating, revamp the story, up the experiential flavouring and it could be something magical. That aside, the event is completely unique, its definitely worth a try and does create a fun and exciting dining experience. If you have the money and love to try new things, I would definitely recommend the Chambers of Flavour.

On an additional note, I just wanted to add that if you are slightly more extroverted than I am, than this experience is probably better suited for you. I spent the majority of time secretly praying that they wouldn’t pick me out of the crowd or make me take part. CRINGE!

For more information on the Chambers of Flavour and to see other experiences from Gingerline, please visit their website via the link below. They are a super cool company offering up multiple different experiences.

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The Chambers of Flavour