As you may be aware from all previous posts written, we are huge Harry Potter fans. One day, whilst on the tube, we were sat reading the Evening Standard when we saw an advert for Harry Potter in Concert. As outlandish as that may sound, it was the opportunity to watch a Harry Potter film whilst a live orchestra is playing the score from the film.  What made this opportunity even more exciting was that the music from the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, had been composed by the legendary John Williams. His works include some of the most recognisable scores such as Jaws, Indiana Jones, ET, Star wars, Jurassic Park and the first three Harry Potter films. A-maze-ing!

Tickets were on sale a year before the show and so we had to wait a painful long year to see it. When it finally came we were so excited.  

The concert was hosted in the Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington. We arrived fairly early so decided to head upstairs to their restaurant where we grabbed a pizza and coke. When the doors were open we joined a long queue into the venue.

The Royal Albert Hall
Walking to our seats
The Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington

We were shown to our seats (we managed to get third row from the front!) where we waited and watched people arrive. The orchestra were just in front of us, with a large cinema style screen behind them. 

Inside the Royal Albert Hall
Watching the Movie!!
Third row from the front

Once the hall was filled, the conductor appeared on stage, welcomed every one, and encouraged everybody to cheer along to their favourite bits or scenes. And then the magic began… (excuse the pun). People cheered along to their favourite characters which made the experience more fun and we loved watching the movie again in a more dimensional way. 

Its Happening
Keeping the tickets safe
Venue Shot

Listening to one of our favourite film score through a live orchestra was an unforgettable experience and one we cannot wait to relive again. We look forward to going to the next Harry Potter film in concert.