Don’t be late! Logic will fail you. Nonsense will overwhelm you! – Alice Adventures Underground

Alice Adventures Underground is a brand new theatre show that explores the boundaries of traditional theatre-going experiences, inviting audiences to actually become immersed into the 90-minute production. The event sees you travelling through a series of reimagined spaces that have recreated the world of Alice in Wonderland and seeks to tell its story in a different way. Following the success of its launch last year, the show returned with the ambition to be bigger and better, promising a truly original experience that surpasses theatre conventionality.

Upon hearing that the show had made a comeback, and missing out the first time, I decided this year, I would go and check it out. Going to the theatre is one of my favourite things to do, particularly in London, so I was extremely interested to see how this particular type of theatre would fair.

Now, unfortunately, Alice Adventures Underground is a no photo event (SORRY) so unfortunately I only have a few photos to share with you. (I did admittedly sneak a few cheeky photos during the show) OOPS

Anyway, the day had finally arrived, and as it was a ‘secret location’ event, we waited for a text message to inform us of the events location – YES, everything about this was a secret! All we knew was the event start time, and that we had to come dressed in black and red to please the “Queen of Hearts”. FYI This was not mandatory and since I had no red clothing, I just wore my normal get up.

Finally, the text message arrived approximately 2 hours prior to the event start time and we headed to the location near the Waterloo Vaults in London. I have to say, without a proper address it was a little difficult to find but we were familiar with the Vaults so it wasn’t to bad.

Entrance to Alice Adventures Underground

Once we arrived, we were guided inside. The whole space had been converted into an illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland with large hand drawn trees towering above, wooden rowing boats dotted around and lampposts. With the added low lighting and fog like smoke, it really did feel like you had stepped into a mini alternative fairytale.

Inside Alice Adventures Underground – Pre show bar area
Inside bar area – Alice Underground

We were running a little behind the schedule with our plans to originally go to the bar first for a pre drinks so once we had arrived we headed straight to registration to collect our tickets. We had bought the slightly more expensive tickets which entitled us to two free drinks, one during the show and one after – why not? So we were handed two small pieces of card with string attached which we needed to hand across when instructed to receive our drinks. We were also given a programme, an obligatory stamp to the wrist and a box of Sip Smith sweets. (Gin Infused).

Obligatory Stamp

Next thing we knew, our time slot was called and we made our way to the designated meeting point to ready to start the show.  

As I mentioned earlier, I unfortunately cannot divulge too much information on the experience (event policy) due to the fact that my telling could jeopardise your own experience of the show. What I will say however, is that overall it was pretty impressive. The sets were truly wonderful, extremely detailed and the story was cleverly narrated with plenty of Alice surprises along the way.

Being able to be a part of the show as opposed to watching was a very different but extremely enjoyable experience and something I highly recommend. Imagine walking through Alice and Wonderland….

Here’s a few sneaky mid-show photos that I managed to take. Shhhh!

Alice Adventures Underground
Mad Hatters Tea Party

Once we had reached the end of the experience, we were guided back to the bar area, where the immersive frivolity continued. We picked up our second free drink at the bar (which was A-MA-ZING) and were greeted by staff dressed as unicorns, flamingos, birds and ballet dancers. There was a miniature flamingo croquet on offer as well as participating activities like live drawing and speed dating. (Speed dating…awks)

Flamingo Croquet
Flamingo Croquet
Inside the bar area
Slightly blurry picture of me and the Alice Underground Staff

We decided to stay and have a a few more drinks after the show. They had a photo booth downstairs so OBVIOUSLY (admittedly intoxicated by then) headed straight to get our photos done! All in all….so much fun!!!! 

If you haven’t had the chance to attend Alice Adventures Underground, do try and catch it before it ends. The show runs from 25th April 2017 until the 23rd September 2017. You can find out more about the experiences as well as ticket prices via the link below.