Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a beloved Roald Dahl book which many generations have grown up with. Along with this, its conversion into the film industry has proven a success, from the original with Gene Wilder, to its more modern take starring Johnny Depp.

When the news came out that they were now producing it for the West End, we were sceptical. With only a few known songs such as ‘Pure Imagination’ and the theme of the Oompa Lumpas, how could they possibly create a whole show with singing and dancing.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

We got the tickets, at quite short notice, and decided to make the day of it. So, in spirit, and on the recommendation of a friend, we made reservations to have a Charlie and the Chocolate inspired afternoon tea. This was hosted at the One Aldwych Hotel in London, Covent Garden. A beautiful hotel, we sat in the lounge bar area, in front of a huge Christmas tree covered in Champagne bottles.

Christmas Tree!

The afternoon tea was incredible and well thought out. Starting from the menus, which had hand painted pictures of the characters from the play, the sandwiches were creative, and were not just sandwiches. They included a sausage roll, a pie and a roll. The best part of the afternoon tea was the cake selection. Inspired by the bizarreness of Willy Wonka, our cakes included a cake pop, a milkshake in a bottle, a homemade cream egg and candy floss. Not only was it appeasing on the eye it also tasted amazing. 

The Menu
The Menu
Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych
One Aldwych
Willy Wonka Afternoon Tea
Candy Floss

 Once we had finished we made our way to the theatre. The show was hosted at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane in Covent Garden. Inside, we collected our tickets and of course bought one of the brightly coloured candy floss on sale and some smarties before heading to our seats.  Luckily, we were front row, which gave us the most amazing chance to experience the show. 

Candy Floss
Wonka Shop
The Aftermath

As much as we were sceptical about this show, we were not in any way disappointed. In fact, we were blown away. The show was incredible, from its talented actors, catchy songs to the creative stage designs, it was impressive from start to finish. Not to mention you instantly fall in love with the young boy who plays Charlie. It was such an uplifting show and so well done. It was later that we found out the play was a Warner Brothers production and directed by Sam Mendes (the very Sam who directed James Bond Spectre). 

We were saddened to hear that the play was finishing and moving to America. We would highly recommend anyone going to see this play if it ever does return to the UK.