What: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them – Global Fan Event

Where: Empire Cinema, Leicester Square

When: 13th October 2016

As a self-confessed, die-hard fan of JK Rowling’s wizarding world and long term devotee to the Harry Potter series (and books!) you can imagine the excitement and utter joy when I received an email early Wednesday morning on the 12th October from Warner Brothers awarding me with x2 tickets to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them Global Fan Event! Now, I grew up with the Harry Potter world and when I learned of JK Rowlings new adventures with Newt Scamander, well I was overjoyed to say the least!

So, like any serious potthead, I opened the email to see that I had indeed, won the opportunity to attend a live Q&A with the ENTIRE Fantastic Beasts cast….I’m talking Eddie Redmayne folks. *Insert dream eyes. The event was also to include appearances by director David Yates and Producer David Hayman aka the masterminds behind the HP movies!

Obviously, I wanted to share the experience with you.

The fan event, was to be a live Q&A with the entire cast and crew that would be live streamed simultaneously across the globe with other participating countries including LA, New York, Italy, Paris and many more. (I forget)

Anyway, finally…Fantastic Beast Event Day was here.

Knowing the eagerness that often comes with the passionate Harry Potter fan, I thought it best to get to the queue in enough time to ensure that I wouldn’t find myself squinting at the very back of huge theatre and struggling to see pretty much anything! So we (myself and my sister) decided to head to the Empire theatre a couple of hours prior to the doors opening and fortunately, found ourselves behind only a few small groups people. (BONUS) Before we knew it, we were surrounded by fellow pottheads, Newt Scamangers, Hogwarts students, bellatix lestrange’s and even a marauders map as zealous fans donned their best Harry Potter gear to join the fast growing queue.

Empire Theatre – Leicester Square

After what literally felt like hours, (exaggeration) the doors finally opened at 7.15pm and we hurried through to be greeted by a huge display of newt suitcases, a costume display and a mini press red carpet where the cast were being interviewed. As much as we wanted to go over and gawk at them (so close) we made a B line straight for the ‘Wand station’ (yup!) where were all given a wand each (newts wand) and a silver bag to put our phones in as recording was strictly prohibited before being allowed to enter the auditorium. We finally were admitted inside and took to our seats (first come first serve) and fortunately we managed to get in the second row from the front in the middle. Very happy!

Fantastic Beasts costumes on display
Wand Station

So, Edith Bowmen takes to the stage as host of the global event and gives a brief introduction onto how the event would proceed, explaining that we would be broadcast live so be loud and be crazy. – Didn’t need to ask us twice. (FYI Edith is the Scottish TV presenter.) The producers gave her the countdown and the event kicked off.

Wand at the ready!

The entire fantastic beasts cast including producer/director David Hayman and David Yates were invited on stage where they were asked multiple questions which were directed from all participating audiences from around the world.

Eddie Redmayne and Edith Bowman
Full Cast, David Hayman and David Yates
Cast including Colin Pharrel live from New York

To our sudden surprise, next thing we know, JK Rowling comes onto the stage to join the cast. As you can imagine, the crowd went so crazy. (As did we). She answers a few questions before announcing (for THE VERY FIRST TIME) that Fantastic Beasts was to be not 1 film, BUT 5! A shock, not just to us, but to the entire cast who also had no idea!!!!!! How freakin cool. When the craziness and applauding had eventually calmed down, they then continued the surprises giving us an exclusive sneak peek look at the first 10 minutes of the film, before anyone else.

JK Rowling joins cast on stage (far right)
Left to right – Edith Bowman, David Yates, JK Rowling & David Hayman

Well, you can imagine, the audience went crazy again!!!

After what seemed like an eternity since the last Harry Potter film, it was beyond overwhelming to be able to return to the wizarding world, and well….it did not disappoint. 

P.S. Apologies for the terrible photos, I only had my phone here!