When this event came up, we could not resist jumping on this opportunity. Every year, when they release tickets for Dinner in the Great Hall, we look sadly at our bank balances and realise that this is a very distant  goal ‘cries’… So when this came up at a more affordable price we immediately booked our tickets. 

The event was hosted at the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios London Tour in Watford, North London, and with an 8.30am start, we definitely had to stay the night in a hotel. 

The Great Hall
Entrance to the Great Hall
This is Us

When we arrived at the Studio, we were running a little late (even though we were 5 minutes round the corner!). Upon arrival, we were given envelopes with our tickets in, photographic vouchers, and a slip with a time slot on it. This depended on our arrival time and so we ended up being on the latest time slot. 

We were immediately whisked off through the Tour Gift Shop (usually at the end of the tour) and straight into the last part of the tour which is the opportunity to walk around the huge model of Hogwarts Castle. This was where they would be hosting the breakfast drinks and canap├ęs. It was exceedingly overcrowded.

The first thing we did was make a beeline for the food and drinks stand, coming across a long table filled with Champagne. We were hoping that we could take a glass but they had to go and ruin it by adding orange juice… just kidding. Nothing says breakfast like a mimosa and we throughly enjoyed it. We made a slow walk round the castle, searching at every food stand we came across, however, one thing became apparent, there were no vegetarian options! When we made it to the very end of the walk way, we stopped for a cup of tea. With not much seating, we perched on a small bench, mimosa in one hand and tea in the other, our tummies rumbling. It wasn’t long before we had created a corner full of indignant people who as it turns out were all vegetarians. Our campaign together soon worked and eventually we received a platter of vegetarian food all to ourselves. 

Soon, times slots were being called until ours finally came. We were taken through the exciting entrance into the Great Hall, where tables had been set up like breakfast at Hogwarts (clever), with Cheeri Owls and Pixie Puffs. Many photo opportunities. This was also where we were able to put to use our first photo voucher, a picture sitting at the table with breakfast. We had our photos taken with members of staff dressed as Hogwarts students (although we wished nothing more to be handed one of those robes to wear). 

Studio Tour Mirror of Erised
Platform 9 3/4


Once photos were done, it was time to begin our tour. This would be our hundredth time, ok more like 9th but it is still a lot. Yet every time we go back, we take more photos that we have already have, more videos then we have storage for and still take advantage of every point where you can participate in something. The Studio Tour are also very good at adding extra additions to make it more exciting each time you return, for example, this time they were celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Philosophers Stone film release. This meant they had more pop exhibitions in line with this.

Sherbert Lemon
Platform 9 3/4
In the Studio


With two other photo vouchers, we had our picture taken on in the Ford Anglia Car and also on the train. These pictures were printed and given to us to take away. Halfway through the tour, you arrive at the Backlot cafe. This is where we were given a complimentary cup of Butterbeer. Time to get that pert ‘got milk’ shot after you try some. We still have never managed to finish one to this day!

After a couple more hours it was the end and we were back in the gift shop, buying more souvenirs and props to add to our growing collection. 

Now we just can’t wait to go back again and again and again…

The end